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AO “Tatneftekhiminvest-holding” acts as a coordination and expert centre, working in a wide range of business lines of Gas & Petrochemical Complex.

AO “Tatneftekhiminvest-holding” is not engaged in manufacturing of industrial products.

The main purpose of Holding’s activity is to promote the most comprehensive use of intellectual, material, resource, productive, scientific and technical potential of Gas & Petrochemical Complex of the Republic of Tatarstan and making a profit on its basis by:

- the increase of production efficiency of Gas & Petrochemical Complex’s enterprises of RT by means of rational utilization of hydrocarbon and mineral raw materials;

- development and realization of measures on the effective use of scientific and technical potential.

In this connection, Holding maintains close relations with various scientific organizations and institutes, both Russian and foreign ones (Novosibirsk Institute of Catalysis, Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis n.a. Topchiev, All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Processing, Institute of Chemical Physics, Kazan State Technological University; among foreign R&D centers-  Ferrara Un., STC Basell, STC BASF and others).

Legal address: 420061, Russia, RT,  Kazan, Ershov St.29

Yarullin Rafinat Samatovich
Director General
(843) 272-41-74 
(843) 272-53-07, факс 238-37-96, kanc1@tnhi.mi.ru
Marketing department (843) 273-07-43 ilfat@tnhi.ru
Department of Economic Analysis (843) 238-18-00
Accounting (843) 272-37-83
Department of Informatics and Communication (843) 272-41-21
Securities Department (843) 272-04-57, 238-61-80
Legal Bureau
(843) 272-41-21

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